The object for which this Association shall be formed is to preserve the residential nature of Griswoldville’s historic area.  To be watchful for the health and safety of all residents.  We do mutually agree to associate ourselves, always having before our eyes our community.  The Association shall not be engages in politics in any way.  The Association shall be a non-profit organization.


Griswoldville's borders within Wethersfield are west of Maple Street and south of Prospect Street to the borders of Rocky Hill and Newington.  The entrances of Griswoldville are marked by beautiful wooden signposts installed by the Association at the north entrance of Griswold Road (1995), the south entrance of Griswold Road (1996) and the corner of Highland Street and Thornbush Road (1997). 

The Griswoldville Preservation Association was formed in 1993 by a group of citizens concerned about then open land on Griswold Road being developed into a funeral home.  The funeral home later relocated to a more suitable location in town.  Two new homes now occupy the land in question. The Griswoldville Preservation Association continues to promote the ideas of a safe, and friendly residential part of Wethersfield.

Display panels of former mills in Griswoldville are located at Mill Woods Park and the Wethersfield Museum.  They depict the result of a GPA project undertaken with the Wethersfield Historical Society with principal funding by a grant from the Connecticut Humanities Council

The Association sponsors community activities.  Over the last decade projects include:

  • Griswoldville-wide tag sales
  • Griswoldville Christmas Carol singing
  • Neighborhood picnics at Mill Woods Park
  • Celebrating the Griswoldville Chapel's 125th birthday in November 1997
  • Annual spring plant and bulb swaps at the Griswoldville Chapel and Moeller Home
  • Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Participating in the "Neighborhood Discovery Program" with Town Planner 
  • With the Wethersfield Beautification Committee, planted and maintained perennials and bushes around the Welcome to Griswoldville signs

The Association makes donations to town organizations and events including:

  • The Special Needs Fund, Wethersfield Human Services Department
  • Wethersfield Memorial Day Commission
  • Wethersfield Camp Council
  • High School Scholarships


If you would like to become a member of the Griswoldville Preservation Association, please contact Martha Mayer at 257.1705

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